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The GuideMe Digital Adoption Platform gives you the tools your business needs to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of your mobile workforce by reducing the friction they have with the devices and applications they rely on to get their jobs done. The benefits of GuideMe extend to business units within your organization well beyond IT. From speeding up education and training on business processes and application features, to improving the accuracy and consistency of data in systems of record, and reducing internal helpdesk call volumes, GuideMe delivers value across your business that impacts your bottom line.

We designed GuideMe with more than just IT in mind. After all, digital adoption is not strictly the responsibility of your technical teams. In fact, according to a study by IDG Enterprise and AetherPal, 82% of employees rely on mobile devices and applications to complete their business tasks. Making it simpler for your mobile users to get their job done has real benefits to your bottom line and even employee satisfaction.

What can GuideMe do you for you, depending on your job function or area of responsibility? Select the role that describes you best below to learn how.

One platform. Many users. Demonstrable ROI.


Can’t see your job function listed here? Speak with one of our digital adoption experts to see how GuideMe can benefit your business unit.

GuideMe for IT Professionals

Digital business transformation has made the job of enterprise IT professionals ever more challenging. IT is now faced with managing an ever-broadening spectrum of applications. Once focused primarily on deploying and maintaining mission-critical applications (for example, ERP and CRM systems), modern IT departments now need to also focus on digital workplace applications that focus on employee productivity or operational efficiency (for example, ticketing, project management, and budgeting).

IT As An Enabler

And let’s not forget about combatting rogue IT. With business stakeholders becoming increasingly digital-savvy, shadow IT is alive and well as non-IT business units are procuring their own technology solutions without IT’s knowledge, yet expecting IT to support them for employees, customers, and partners. IT is challenged from being perceived as a roadblock because of resource-induced backlog, to becoming an enabler and business partner.

No More App Chaos

GuideMe provides IT with the tools it needs to dramatically improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of mobile app users by reducing the friction they have with the applications they use to get their jobs done. By leveraging the GuideMe platform, IT can speed onboarding and training on business-critical processes, ensure critical workflows are followed seamlessly, and guide users through application features that are enhanced regularly.

System Data Accuracy At Last

And when mobile app user chaos is reduced with real-time digital guidance, IT improves the accuracy and consistency of data in systems of record and reduces internal helpdesk call volume. But that’s not all. GuideMe Studio provides a flexible, easy to use tool for any citizen developer across the organization to build guides, training and tutorials for any application – no coding or API’s required.

GuideMe for Line of Business Professionals

More than 82% of employees claim that they cannot complete their jobs without a mobile device or mission-critical business application. Digital transformation is disrupting traditional business models, as evidenced with the explosion of mission critical mobile applications in industries such as supply chain, transportation, and home healthcare, for example. Not surprising considering the pervasive of automation and mobile-first approaches in these industries with a geographically dispersed, mobile workforce.

IT As An Enabler

And let’s not forget about combatting rogue IT. With business stakeholders becoming increasingly digital-savvy, shadow IT is alive and well as non-IT business units are procuring their own technology solutions without IT’s knowledge, yet expecting IT to support them for employees, customers, and partners. IT is challenged from being perceived as a roadblock because of resource-induced backlog, to becoming an enabler and business partner.

Mission-Critical Apps Made Easy

Field-based employee bases, however, are known for their high turnover. And when the job cannot be done without properly using a line of business application, entering the right information, or following proper workflows, business is impacted.

Workflows Without Errors

GuideMe provides line of business with a platform to deliver seamless onboarding, foolproof application usage, and information and process integrity every time an employee engages with a mission-critical application

GuideMe for Support Professionals

Your support organization is inundated with “how-to” questions from employees, partners, customers, and even prospects.

Support Volumes Reduced

The GuideMe platform provides an easy and flexible method to guide employees and customers through how-to requests instantly when they engage with the device or the application.

Lower Support Costs

Not only does this reduce the need to contact support, it greatly improves employee and customer satisfaction, boosts employee and brand loyalty, and reduces IT and support costs that impact your bottom line.

GuideMe for Finance & HR Professionals

When new employees join your company, they are often unfamiliar with the tools that your organization relies on to simplify your business processes. From expense reporting, to booking travel, to accessing benefits, or simply managing employee policies, your employees have a lot to learn to get up and running quickly.

Employee Amnesia A Thing of the Past

While these applications and the information they capture and share with other systems are crucial to your business, employees don’t interact with them on a daily basis. And with so many systems and applications to learn, your new employees – and even those who have been with your company for a long time – often forget all of the necessary steps to complete a process within an application.

Reduced Onboarding Cycles & More Productive Employees

GuideMe provides HR and finance professionals in your organization with a solution that provides contextual guidance that helps reduce onboarding cycles, training time and costs. Employees will be more productive and grateful for the real-time assistance to complete tasks right the first time without frustration

GuideMe for Marketing & Product Management

Your marketing organization is likely one of the biggest culprits of by-passing IT to procure applications to drive leads, enhance customer experience, engage customers and partners, and generate pipeline. From campaign generation to marketing automation and audience segmentation, marketing is leveraging applications across all phases of the buyer journey to lead a prospect to purchase. And in a digital world, marketing and product management are pushing out their own customer-facing applications with little to no IT involvement.

Empower Marketing & PM Citizen Developers

Rather than restrict these passionate and well-meaning functions within your organization, your business can empower and take advantage of the citizen developers within their ranks to accelerate digital transformation and adoption with GuideMe.

To reduce IT corporate app backlog, GuideMe allows you to give marketing and product management the tools they need to build the last mile that is key to app optimization and success to fit the needs of their unique audiences.

GuideMe for Operations Professionals

You wouldn’t be the first organization to suffer from inconsistency of data and workflows when your mobile sales and business development workforce enter information into your CRM system. This crucial business process can be complex, time consuming, and counterintuitive, no matter how many manuals and self-help videos you may have published on using CRM on-the-go.

Mobile Missteps A Thing of the Past

Every minute a salesperson spends scrubbing CRM data, unnecessarily needing to update accounts because of missed steps, or having to re-enter information into their CRM mobile app because of usage errors is time not spent generating revenue for your business.

More Accurate Data & Workflows = Better Business Visibility

GuideMe can guide your mobile, distributed salesforce through the necessary steps for each CRM interaction business process. With guides and tips delivered live right in the application, GuideMe helps ensure consistency in workflows and the way data is entered, delivering improved visibility and more accurate data for your business, and reducing the length of the sales cycle with information being entered right the first time.

GuideMe for Developer Professionals

Application developers are interested in feedback about user experience of the applications they build. By knowing more about where users fumble with the applications they build, app developers and UX designers can get real-world insights into how their applications are used and where help files are needed.

App Hurdles Solved Simply & Quickly

With the intelligence GuideMe delivers, developers of business critical or customer- facing applications provide an understanding of the hurdles and workflow bottlenecks that need to be improved in the next version to increase user adoption and satisfaction.

Escalations & Costs of Development Reduced

What’s more, developers can leverage GuideMe studio to easily create app tutorial and live guides in minutes without any coding required, reducing escalations and costs of development.

GuideMe for Citizen Developers

Allow us to introduce you to the citizen developers. Every company has them. They are the creatives, the curious, and the leaders of change within your organization, and they have a digital-first mindset.

Close the Application Demand Gap

Citizen developers help enterprises close the application demand gap, leveraging no- code or low-code mobile application development platforms to innovate more rapidly. And this is not a trend that is going away any time soon. In an era where the demand for enterprise applications—and especially for mobile apps—is so high that most enterprise IT departments can’t meet it and often have backlogs of months to more than a year, citizen developers are here to stay and your business needs them.

Citizen Developer Apps Simplified

GuideMe Studio delivers a simple toolset for any citizen developer to create guided assistance and clear instructions for any mobile application, on any device. After all, what good is an application if no one knows how to use it but the person who developed it?

GuideMe for Training Professionals

Business has changed. It’s global, faster-paced, more competitive, and above all, mobile, and your employees need to know more than ever before. And let’s not forget the broad range of generational demands of your workforce to go digital.

Mobile has transformed the way your company and your employees do their jobs, interact with customers, partners, and one another, and complete crucial business process.

One Size Fits All No Longer Works

Mobile-first organizations have it all figured out. They know traditional “one-size-fits-all” training sessions (including those delivered via LMS) just don’t make sense anymore. Whether it’s in the classroom, or via online learning, lengthy information dumps do nothing but overload employees. Plus, generic courses simply force employees to sit through a seemingly daunting series of irrelevant content to find their own nuggets of gold. The end result is that employees leave sessions frustrated, disengaged and often no further ahead. And with no way to reinforce what they’ve learned, there’s no point. They’ll forget most of it within a few weeks anyway.

On-Demand Training for New Paradigm Shift

The bottom line is these outdated methods don’t give employees the knowledge they need to do their jobs well, which can seriously impact the business’ bottom line. With today’s busy, mobile and disruption-riddled workplace, employees don’t have the time, inclination or often even the ability to attend long, in-person training sessions. As a learning and development professionals you know that this new paradigm shift for mobile, on- demand or real-time training delivery is a requirement to attract and retain top talent, drive market competitiveness, and optimize employee productivity. Mobile needs to be a key part of your learning delivery equation. So how do you adapt to this new normal? How do you provide the training and knowledge employees need to do an exceptional job, get information as quickly as possible so they can be responsive and effective anywhere, anytime?

Mobile Learning Delivery Simplified

AetherPal GuideMe® takes the complexity out of mobile learning delivery. With our no code and no API digital learning and adoption platform, GuideMe provides you with the simplest tools you need to create impactful, real-time training and tutorials to ensure your employees – and even customers and partners – have in-app, on-demand training and wizard-like LiveGuides to act as their personal digital coach to learn on their mobile device when and where they want to. The result – improved adoption, engaged employees, expanded global reach, and access to crucial information precisely when employees need it.

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