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Your workforce increasingly relies on mobile devices and applications to conduct mission- critical business tasks. Yet, 80% of enterprise mobile apps are abandoned after their first use, and 63% of users claim clear instructions for using an application as one of the characteristics of apps they use most frequently. If hurdles such as these are not overcome, increasing digital adoption is a losing proposition for your business and stands to impact not only ROI from your mobile investments, but increases cost of support and the business value of the digital workforce enablement tools you have put in place to impact your bottom line.

More App Adoption. More Mobile Learning. Less Fuss.

The GuideMe Digital Adoption Platform solves these challenges by delivering a solution that helps guide your digital workforce with real-time assistance for mobile business workflows right within the app, ensuring the task is completed properly and frustration-free each time. It can also be used to deliver mobile-based training to keep employee learning, development, and knowledge agile. In a mobile-first world, training needs to be continuous and changed and delivered on the fly so employees can access it anytime, anywhere, on their mobile device.

One Platform. No Code. No API’s. Just Simple.

GuideMe was designed with the mobile-first business in mind. Regardless of your industry or the size of your company, GuideMe delivers the tools you need to get the greatest return on your mobile investments, and deliver the virtual mobile coaching your workforce demands. We have taken the complexity out of delivering device and application guidance, and even developing mobile-based training easily and more cost-efficiently than traditional LMS systems.

GuideMe includes three core tools that, when used together, deliver on the maximum value of the digital adoption platform. But, you don’t have to use all of them. Depending on your needs, you can leverage one or two parts of the platform, or all three. We have designed the solution to be flexible because we realize that one size does not fit all.

The GuideMe Digital Adoption Platform consists of:

GuideMe® Digital Adoption Platform

Guides To-Go

These pre-packaged guides for commonly used business applications walk a user through completing a task on his or her device with step-by- step instructional guides to effectively train the user how to complete common business tasks and workflows.

Live Guides

LiveGuide interactively walk a user through completing a task in real-time with audible directions and real-time context sensitive screen overlays. Think of the LiveGuides like a wizard that highlights what needs to be completed next, including step verification or error correction.

GuideMe® Studio

GuideMe™ Studio is an intuitive visual creation tool for IT – or any citizen developer – to quickly and easily create and manage instructional guides and LiveGuides for any device, application, mobile workflow, or even training in as little as 10 minutes. Anyone can create them.

Want to know more about what’s inside each of the tools? Let’s take a look under the hood.

Guides To-Go

Guides To-Go provide easy, step-by-step, screenshot by screenshot walkthroughs to guide your mobile users on how to complete a task on their device or within a business app.

Key features include:

  • Pre-packaged instructional guides available for the most commonly used business applications, or you can build your own by leveraging GuideMe Studio
  • Enrollment and provisioning is simple to ensure frustration-free experiences
  • The experience is consistent across iOS and Android
  • Instructional guides can be applied for a specific app, or even a specific device form factor, particular device manufacturer or model, or even OS version(s)
  • Instructional guides are categorized by app, task, or function for quick access by your mobile users
  • Instructional guides can be optionally integrated into the same client with LiveGuides and AetherPal mobile support management

Live Guides

LiveGuides provide interactive, wizard-like guides that ensure your mobile users complete every step of the workflow right on the device or the app.

Key features include:

  • Real-time visual and voice guidance
  • Contextual sensitivity to understand user actions and correct any missteps or errors
  • Live verification of user action and entries to ensure proper workflow completion
  • Intelligence to dynamically adapt to device and user
  • Can be categorized by app, task, or function for quick access by your users
  • Pre-packaged LiveGuides available for the most commonly used business applications, or you can build your own by leveraging GuideMe Studio

GuideMe® Studio

GuideMe Studio provides an easy-to-use set of design tools to allow anyone in your organization to build instructional or LiveGuides, as well mobile-based training modules.

Key features include:

  • No coding required
  • No API’s or certificates required
  • Simple process to create guides: just go through steps on a connected device, annotate with clear instructions, and build guides or tutorials within as little as 10 minutes
  • Easily create annotations, markups, and call-outs
  • Maintaining existing guides is a snap with the ability to easily update a single step, screenshot, or an entire guide as apps, workflows, or rules are updated or changed
  • Applicable to custom apps and commercial or third-party apps with no special permissions needed from the app vendor
  • Provides ability to deliver training for your users on your workflows, processes, and business app usage
  • Easy to target for all mobile users in your organization, or restrict to specific device manufacturers, models, OS versions, or even device form factors

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