Mobile Businesses Require Reliable Mobility in the Enterprise

AetherPal Product FamilyEvery industry deploys mobile apps. The clear majority of these are unproductive and ultimately fail. Mobile apps are critical to many enterprise groups within key industries including managed services & solutions (MSS), Retail, Healthcare, Logistics and Manufacturing.

When workers are unable to reliably access their device, apps, or business processes, business downtime becomes a costly reality. The resulting loss of business revenue is costly, unnecessary and decreases user productivity. Instead, geographically dispersed industries find MSM infrastructure software offers a simple resolution to an increasingly complex mobile business. Users interacting with purpose-built mobile apps are not expected to be app or IT experts. These workers simply want to do their job better, in less time and with higher customer satisfaction using mobility.

Scalable Support Across Every Business

Always-on mobility is critical to business operations, in the line of revenue, backbone of business operations, critical to the delivery of services. In many job functions, when a device is down, users are unable to complete core business functions, jeopardizing delivery, production and revenue. As businesses embrace digital transformation, they become dependent on real-time mobile apps, and information. Mobile workers require always-on data, connectivity, directions, and knowledge throughout the business and decision making processes.

Managed Services and Solutions in the Enterprise

Managed Services & Solutions (MSS) Providers

  • Cost of enterprise mobility user management including device enrollment, kitting & delivery, on-site service, zero deductible repair, advance replacement of devices, 24/7/365 call center support is escalating
  • AetherPal MSM complements the full range of MSS outsourced mobile devices and accessories, EMM security software, mobile consulting and planning services
  • Simplified mobile connectivity no matter where employees go through easily accessed mobile support information on-demand, on the go.
  • Connect remote workers to colleagues and apps quickly, securely and intuitively using MSM to help the team make better decisions, get the job done quicker and accelerate business growth.

Financial Enterprise

Financial Services

  • Financial support reps are unable to travel on-site every time support is requested, customer downtime decreases customer satisfaction, delays transactions including mobile applications to complete loan paperwork
  • When bank devices or apps are down, customers are unable to apply for new accounts or transact existing accounts. Bank staffers are unable to provide kiosk or cusotmer transaction apps. This downtime limits the growth of business and dampens customer satisfaction
  • MSM helps financial knowledge workers walk end-users through complex app and device tasks regardless of their location or mobile expertise
  • AetherPal securely performs MSM along with auditing and compliance meeting Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI GDPR (general data protection regulation) and other financial security requirements

Retail Enterprise


  • Non-expert retail users often find it difficult to establish an active mobile device connection on a company’s Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • AetherPal MSM integrates with ServiceNow IT service management (ITSM) platforms to help end users start support requests and launch MSM sessions directly from their mobile device and immediately begin remotely resolving issues

Healthcare Enterprise


  • Mobile underscores the immediacy of using real-time health care information for medical staff, hospitals and outpatient physician practices
  • Connecting multi-OS devices or rebooting complex medical machines without IT expertise on hand is essential
  • MSM facilitates the easy use of extensive medical equipment and application suppliers as well as secure access to the hospital’s IT network
  • AetherPal MSM solution complies with stringent data medical security regulations including HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) and the HITECH Act (Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health) regulations.

Logistics Enterprise


  • Customer support representatives cite that end-users often have difficulty following mobile application instructions for shipping, receiving and tracking of inventory
  • Existing remote support solution was difficult to use for end users and LoB teams
  • Application resolution issues taking 15 minutes in the past, now take less than 5 minutes using AetherPal MSM

Manufacturing Enterprise


  • Inherent problem connecting to and fixing manufacturing employee and line worker issues due to application and geographic diversity
  • MSM offers manufacturers integrated Remote Support software for the complete mobile lifecycle
  • AetherPal solution offers a centralized, automated audit trail and the ability to integrate with other service desk tools; meets SOX [Sarbanes-Oxley] regulation requirements

Mobile Support Management for the Enterprise


  • Mobile Support Management (MSM) helps Enterprise knowledge workers eliminate issues and frustration with an app or lack of understanding of app features
  • Eliminate the Enterprise Mobile Support Gap including lost revenue, stalled app deployments or slowed innovation as developers support time drops below development time, and TCO decreases
  • Boost app success since 64% of employees site a poor user experience as the reason for rarely using enterprise mobile apps according to BTC Research
  • Pair new app deployments with MSM-based real-time training and support features


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