MSM Maximizes Mobile Up-time for Enterprise Markets and Operators

In 2017 Enterprise markets will increase their spending on mobile apps.Every business and mobile operator realizes the value of always-available mobility. AetherPal’s patented Mobile Support Management (MSM) solution helps end costly mobile business process, user device and application downtime. MSM scales every line of business and IT with a platform capable of supporting mobile applications, end-users and devices of every major mobile operating systems.

Enterprise workers are dependent on mobile access to complete their job functions, drive the business, and drive reveue. MSM enables enterprises to efficiently scale their mobile deployments and provide reliable mobility to their users. Partners, including mobile operators enhance their enterprise user remote support and simplify mobile remediation using MSM software to deliver a turnkey mobile life-cycle experience, lower support costs and minimize costly device returns.

Reliable Mobility for Every Use Case, App, and Location

Reliable mobility is critical to business operations and critical to the delivery of services. In many job functions, when a device is down, users are unable to complete core business functions, jeopardizing delivery, production and revenue. As businesses embrace digital transformation, they become dependent on real-time mobile apps, and information. Mobile workers require always-on data, connectivity, directions, and knowledge throughout the business and decision making processes.

Enterprise users demand easy to learn, easy to use, and reliable mobility, and AetherPal delivers with award-winning Mobile Support Management.

Mobile Operators / Network Carriers
As companies advance their mobile strategies, there is a significant opportunity for managed mobile solution providers.

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