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Increasing Subscriber NPS and Reducing Support Costs for Mobile Operators and Network Carriers

AetherPal for Mobile Operators and Network CarriersAs the worldwide market for mobile devices continues to expand and competition for subscribers continues to escalate, mobile operators/carriers are looking to differentiate through an enhanced level of customer experience for their subscribers, while searching for opportunities to lower support costs and reduce device returns. With devices becoming increasingly complex, mobile operators are rethinking their customer support models, transitioning to a proactive and predictive model through a multi-channel approach across call centers, websites, and most importantly, on-device.

AetherPal’s Mobile Support Management solution portfolio provides mobile operators with a multi-channel solution to immediately enhance the overall quality of customer service while reducing customer support costs. Mobile operators are well positioned to personalize the customer experience through Remote Support and Device Diagnostics products while providing subscribers with Valet Self-Care and GuideMe Tutorials capabilities to enable subscribers to access rapid training, troubleshooting, and problem resolution on their mobile device.

Valet Self-Care

Valet for Mobile Operators and Network CarriersThe Valet Self-Care app allows a customer to troubleshoot and resolve issues on their device, without help from a Customer Support Representative (CSR). Using Valet, a customer has access to Guides, LiveGuides, Proactive Device Diagnostics and Quick Fixes. Valet not only enables the customer to fix their own issue and consume training to learn their device, but proactively detects issues and suggest fixes, significantly improving the customers experience with their device.

Valet Self-Care can be white labeled or integrated into a operator’s branded application to provide a unified customer support experience. Valet is deployed at numerous mobile operators and has delivered significantly reduced inbound customer support calls resulting in a reduction in support costs.

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Remote Support

Remote Support on a Samsung for Mobile Operators and Network CarriersRemote Support enables a Customer Support Representative (CSR) to quickly and efficiently connect to a customer’s device and remotely resolve issues, update configurations, or provide training. Remote Support enables the CSR to securely connect and control a subscribers device, while protecting the users’ security, credentials, and data with patented capabilities around access control list, user permission, and password protection.

Remote Support can be integrated into Operator Customer Support Consoles and run transparently on the device, for a seamless CSR and end-user experience.

Remote Support is deployed by several leading mobile operators and has delivered reduced call handling times due to faster problem resolution and reduced device returns, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Scores (NPS).

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