GuideMe® Tutorials

GuideMe® Tutorials Teach Users to Unlock the Power of Mobility

GuideMe Tutorials on SamsungGuideMe® Tutorials help enterprises drive app adoption, utilization, and minimize downtime through mobile task-based app tutorials that guide users through mobile workflows and complete their critical business tasks. On-Device learning enables employees to quickly access training just-in-time to complete critical mobile tasks, provide instructions to drive adoption of new apps and features, and provide repeatable audible training for new employees, particularly in high turnover, shift-based, or seasonal functions. This on-demand mobile training drives app adoption and utilization, speeds employee training, reduces training costs, minimizes downtime, minimizes errors, and increases overall productivity.

GuideMe Tutorials on iPhoneThese on-demand, always available lessons help improve business continuity, mobile uptime and customer satisfaction.

GuideMe® Tutorials walk users step-by-step, screenshot-by-screenshot, through a task, right on their mobile device, so they can quickly learn how to complete a task. LiveGuides use patented technology to go even further and interactively walk the user through the live device and app to guide them through actually completing the task.

GuideMe® Tutorials also includes Tutorial Studio, which enables App Developers, IT, and Help Desks to quickly and easily create Guides and LiveGuides to enable their mobile users. Guides can quickly be updated when apps are enhanced, based on help desk calls, and to address process changes.

5 Key Benefits of AetherPal GuideMe® Tutorials

1. Improved Productivity of Individual Employees
Productivity of individuals often improves when they are provided with the right productivity tools. Custom productivity apps explicitly designed for specific business needs improve work processes in many ways, especially if they are integrated into the workflow of an enterprise. A Digital Strategy Consulting study in the UK shows that providing productivity apps to workers can, on average, boost productivity by 34 percent.

2. Significant Cost Reductions
Infrastructure costs of supporting a mobile workforce are considerably less than equipping an office with desktop computers, networking, servers, and printers. Overhead is reduced because there is less need for on-site power, IT staff and office space. Providing businesses with always-on access to company information, including training materials, on mobile devices saves significant financial resources in terms of travel, accommodations, instructors needed for classroom-based training, or for searching for company data at the office before visiting a client. Additionally, the time saved by avoiding these activities is essentially then available for growing the business through more orders, improving customer satisfaction or sales development.

3. Faster Business Processes
Equipping employees with mobile devices and productivity software often means speeding up business processes resulting in improved customer service, increased efficiencies, better communications, and faster workflow. Responses to both customers and suppliers is done in real time, improving turnaround and service. Numerous field intensive industries can simply replace paper processes with interactive mobile devices for geographically disparate staff. As well, faster mobile computers, coupled with more data and smarter algorithms, enable employees to work faster and improve productivity.

4. Better Sales Experiences for Customers, Suppliers and Workers
Using mobile devices leads to more immediacy and even intimacy between suppliers, staff and their clients. Customers are often in a hurry and want information and service as quickly as possible. Mobile app tutorials make this happen with successful use of electronic catalogs, mobile ordering and payment apps, and access to the most recent sales materials downloaded into mobile devices.

5. Error Reduction
App errors adversely impact freight costs, customer retention rates, and labor costs to fulfill backorders. Procurement, supply chain management, and asset management tasks often take hours. Multiple departments and discrete apps all handling their specific part of the process. Successful app adoption simply reduces these previously complex tasks to a matter of a few minutes or seconds. At the same time, business usefulness of mobile device capabilities reduces human error and increases data accuracy.

Ensure Successful Mobile App Deployment

AetherPal’s GuideMe® App tutorials ensure that businesses successfully deploy mobile apps that effectively boost ROI as well as customer satisfaction. Rapid business gains through mobility are achieved in shorter periods of time, boosting measures of productivity. MSM helps business remove bottlenecks and other constraints through improved mobile execution of critical tasks.

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