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Remote Support Keeps Mobile Users Productive

Remote Support enables IT departments to securely connect to remote devices in the field to efficiently diagnose, remediate, and support apps and devices to increase uptime, productivity, while reducing downtime, device returns, and service calls.

Critical business processes are now literally in the mobile worker’s hands at the register, taking inventory, collecting vitals, and making decisions. Tablets, smartphones, scanners, and other mobile devices are the foundation of collecting information from any worker location. Mobility is at work every day in warehouses, vehicles, kiosks, Point of Sale, and Point of Care. The mobile delivery mechanism for getting crucial information to workers, customers, and partners at the right time is critical for business success.

Remote Support – Resolve Issues Quickly and Efficiently, Without a Trip to IT

Remote support securely connects to devices in the field to diagnose and support apps and devices.AetherPal’s award-winning MSM Remote Support software gives real-time, secure mobile insight into IT applications, devices and connectivity

  • This approach allows a knowledgeable support person to quickly correct end user problems and restore the device or app to minimize downtime and eliminate costly returns to the office or shipments back to the warehouse.
  • IT can remotely initiate white boarding to remediate configuration, connectivity, or app problems, including WiFi, VPN, app parameters, and connected sensors.
  • Remote Support provides a single native solution across all platforms, including Android, Android for Work, Windows, and iOS for a consistent and superior Mobile IT experience.
  • Proven Experience. AetherPal’s Remote Support is deployed on over 45 million devices today to keep mobile users connected and productive, through leading enterprises and carriers.

Remote Support saves time and boosts IT staff capabilities.MSM Remote Support Software Boosts IT Staff Abilities Including:

  • Strengthening IT agent productivity, a single console for Enterprise-wide mobile remote support
  • Enhanced troubleshooting with the remote collection of diagnostic information
  • White boarding to overlay training information on the mobile device
  • Complete IT solution including User chat
  • High performance, scalable architecture to support unlimited number of enterprise users IT eliminates worker downtime using AetherPal Remote Support through:
    • Easy to use cloud deployment trusted by leading carriers on 45 million+ US mobile devices
    • Separation of work and personal data plus privacy features such as Grey list & Black list controls to restrict access to applications
    • Supporting industry’s widest array of OEM Android partnerships

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