Valet Empowers Mobile Users Through Self-Service to Increase Productivity, App Utilization, and Reduce Support Costs

Valet from AetherPal for Self-service Mobile SupportValet, AetherPal’s innovative Mobile User Self-Service solution enables enterprises to increase mobile user productivity, application adoption, and reduce support costs by empowering users through mobile self-service, training, and streamlined IT support.

Valet enables enterprises to avoid broader mobility service problems, lost revenue, stalled app deployments, and slowed innovation as developers’ support time encroaches on development time.

Mobile Self-Service

Valet Keeps Mobile Users Productive and Business Running
Many mobile end users find current IT responsiveness insufficient to support their “real time”
mobility needs. For example, mobile app downtime for critical business services translates
into lost revenue due to:

  • Missed appointments from lack of schedule
  • Missing customer application forms
  • Unavailable delivery information
  • Point of Sale registers unable to process transactions


AetherPal invented Valet to Expedite Mobilization and Digital Transformation

  • Users apply a self-service support model to adopt, learn, use, troubleshoot, and fix up to 80% of their own issues.
  • MSM expertise delivers the additional capabilities to help users streamline their interactions with IT, while enabling enterprise IT to efficiently service the remaining 20 percent of requests via IT chat, trouble ticket management, and MSM remote support.


Valet Enables Enterprises to Bridge the Mobile Support Gap

  • Mobile Self-Service Training. Guides train users on-demand “How To” use app and device features
  • Quick Fix Hot Buttons. Support automation empowers users to quickly fix common issues including password reset and account unlock, without a call to IT
  • Automated Health Checks. Quickly diagnose device and account issues
  • Broadcast Messages. Deliver real-time service bulletins to proactively notify users of service outages and maintenance

Streamlined Support

  • Remote Screen Sharing. Remote Support to enables IT to efficiently diagnose and resolve problems in real-time
  • Real-Time Support. Live IT Support Chat to collaboratively provide real-time assistance
  • Integrated Trouble Tickets. IT management enables users to submit and monitor requests for assistance


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